Welcome from Tim Ferguson

November 11, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tim Ferguson, CEO, Audience

Tim Ferguson: Hello, everyone in immunology who's concerned about Congress's Yes, you, my name's tim Ferguson and I'm one of your facilitators for a very exciting series of 33 hour workshops that my colleague Leighton Vander Berg and I are going to be facilitating with you. We wanted to get you some food for thought in advance of the meetings and let's do this in an asynchronous way. So we've got some podcasts that were lining up for you and I'm here to talk about the first of those, we interviewed a young man dominant K and he's in publishing for a journal called Frontiers that you may be aware of. And as a millennial who's very entrepreneurial as well as scientifically oriented. Dom is a very interesting character because he uses Congress's to do his work in publishing management. It's all about connecting with HCPS and researchers and helping them with their thinking around, what's that next project going to be? What's that next research project gonna be? And then how do we make sure that they want to publish with us and do that with us. So it's all about relationship building. So for him, pre covid Congresses are his lifeblood, spends a lot of time attending Congresses and then of course when we went into Covid he ended up attending more virtual Congresses than anyone I've met. Anyway, we really enjoyed talking to him. They had some great insights from his unique perspective. Um one was around the different Hcps who attend. So just the idea that you're getting a different cohort attending a virtual congress and then you're also getting different questions or more particularly different people asking questions than you would in a normal live uh, Congress also the way that the really smart forward thinking Congress organizers are seeing the content from the future point of view and saying, okay, people are going to go back and reference the everything that's been recorded and make it really easy to research and find just even snippets of presentations that were done at last year's Congress, let's say certain things don't change. It's about speakers and formats and how important it is to just get those right and promote them in the right way. But he's got some fresh ideas on those topics. He talks about hybrid. Is it really going to work or will we be in a world where it's either all virtual or all live? Is the hybrid hype really going to live up to live up to the hype, let's say. And then he just has some very useful tips for us. And closing remarks where he's giving guidance to us is what he thinks that we should be thinking about in our brainstorming. So it's a short podcast, I hope you'll like it two more coming your way. Let us know if this way of doing pre work is helpful to you. Thanks so much. See you there

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