Welcome to GTO!

July 21, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ana Pinczuk

Meet Ana Pinczuk, Chief Development Officer.

Ana Pinczuk: Hello, everyone! Here we are in San Francisco. I'm Ana Pinczuk. I'm the chief development officer here at Anaplan. I'm really excited to welcome you to our Global Technology Organization. It's great to have you join at such a fantastic time. There's lots going on all the way from our product to engineering our infrastructure, our IT and care organizations. So a great place to be overall, anything technology happens here. Great to have you; welcome aboard! I hope you find this onboarding really exciting. It's a great opportunity to learn about GTO And to meet other folks and really contribute yourself and bring yourself to Anaplan and to our environment. So with that, welcome! Welcome! Welcome! It's great to have you and enjoy the onboarding experience. Thank you so much.

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