David Outcalt - Client Comments

May 16, 2022

David Outcalt of Tomilson Industries describes working with Wegman Hessler business law firm, Cleveland.

Video Transcript

Speakers: David Outcalt, VP and General Manager, Tomlinson Industries

How did you use the legal team at Wegman Hessler? What were the results?

David Outcalt: I've worked at the Wegman Hessler team for over 20 years. The thing I like most about the Wegman team is they really get to know my business and have really supported our general business strategy. We're not bringing them in for just transactional actions, but using them more broadly to make sure we don't get ourselves into issues beforehand, and if we do, make sure that we've got a good feel for where we're going, how to get there, make sure we do it appropriately. I've used them specifically for supplier agreements, unwinding joint ventures, pursuing recoveries and executing recalls, compliance issues. But again, going back, I would say mostly general business strategy and tying everything to that. They've been a great resource.

How would you describe Wegman Hessler in three words?

David Outcalt: In describing the Wegman Hessler team in three words, I would first select the term "partner" because they truly understand my business and help us along. Number two, I would say they're "intuitive." they're able to to understand where we are, where we're going and figure out how to get there in the best possible way. Number three, "successful." They have allowed us to pursue many different areas and we've come away from each one very pleased with the results.

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