Trey Gum - Client Comments

November 16, 2023

Trey Gum, general counsel, describes his experience as a client of Wegman Hessler, a Cleveland business law firm.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Trey Gum, General Counsel

Could you describe the issue your company was dealing with before contacting Wegman Hessler?

Trey Gum: A company for which I serve as general counsel had a particularly challenging intellectual property dispute with a competitor, and we found ourselves in litigation.

How did your attorney at Wegman Hessler help to resolve this challenge? What were the results?

Trey Gum: The attorneys at Wegman Hessler quickly jumped into the matter and after doing some pretty extensive discovery, including depositions, put together an exhaustive summary judgment motion and submitted it to the federal judge. And after a hearing on the matter, the judge agreed with our position and granted the summary judgment motion, and so we prevailed in the case.

How would you describe Wegman Hessler in three words?

Trey Gum: Three words I would use to describe the attorneys that Wegman Hessler are "skilled," "attentive" and "honest." They're a bright group of folks. They pay attention to my company's needs. I don't feel like I get lost in the shuffle. They really listen, and they're very honest. I think their integrity is second to none in the field.

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