Charles Massimo | Meet Your Wealth Enhancement Group Advisor

April 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Charles Massimo, Wealth Enhancement Group

Charles Massimo: Hi, my name is Charlie Masimo and I'm a senior vice president at Wealth Enhancement Group.

What made you choose a career in wealth managment?

Charles Massimo: My dad was a butcher, you know, worked hard his entire life to put me through college. And after he retired, he did have some money but, uh, through bad advice, uh, poor decision making and, and really just not working with the right advisor within 10 years of retirement, he basically lost all his money. And if not for a union pension that he had in social security, I'm not sure how he and my mom would have really survived financially. And it's that, um, experience which kind of drove me into this direction. But really it's that experience, that kind of, that stayed with me my entire career. Knowing that every time I work with a client, it's a huge responsibility to make sure that their financial security is never in jeopardy.

What are you excited about in 2023?

Charles Massimo: What excites me about 2023. Well, it's kind of what excites me about coming into every new year. It's the opportunity to meet and work with new clients and help secure their financial life. And it's an opportunity for me to continue to add value with the clients that have been trusted, me and my team with uh their family's finances for so many years. So it's always exciting to be able to come into any new year and meet new potential clients as well as continue to add value to our existing clients.

What are your specialties, and how do you like to work with clients?

Charles Massimo: There are two things that I think we, our team specializes in. One is really taking a holistic approach to financial planning and look at the total picture um of the client and how each piece works together. It's not just about the investment component, but it's about the state planning risk management, um life insurance and how all these pieces work together um to create the entire financial picture. And I think that's what we really specialize in. And the second thing because of my own personal experience is I have a real passion um on the special needs planning side and we work with a lot of families there as well.

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