WayPath Consulting

January 13, 2022

Learn how WayPath leveraged Alveo to develop a focused go-to-market strategy and accelerate their team's efforts.

Video Transcript

Speaker: PAUL ABDOOL, CRO, WayPath Consulting

PAUL ABDOOL: Hello, my name is Paul Abdool and I'm the CRO of WayPath Consulting. We're out of Richmond, Virginia. We implement and maintain customer experience support platforms such as websites and CRM systems.

What were you looking to solve before working with Alveo?

PAUL ABDOOL: Our organization was trying to solidify our go-to-market strategy and plan.

How did Alveo help?

PAUL ABDOOL: Alveo provided a good structure and the focus to complete a list of deliverables by working with a cross functional team. The deliverables included a go-to-market strategy, market segment briefs, and ideal customer profiles for my team to focus on.

What resulted from working with Alveo?

PAUL ABDOOL: The outputs and tools provided have helped us to articulate our message and focus, to guide partners, outsourced BDR firms and our own account executives in our pursuit of new logos.

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