Mechelle Fitzgerald for Client Testimonial Videos

November 04, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Mechelle Fitzgerald

Describe your experience working with the team at VBG.

Mechelle Fitzgerald: Working with the Valerie law firm has been amazing. We reached out and they were recommended to us and um, I've never met a group of people that there is more caring. Um, my Children was first to them and they made me feel like I was their only client. I was just, I felt that special. Um, they were very assertive one needed to be, and they took care of my Children and us treated us like royalty. I would do it again with them in a heartbeat.

What are some of the fears you had or still have as a parent with a disabled child?

Mechelle Fitzgerald: I actually had to, I had twins and the fear I had was, what would they be able to do? Um, when they grew up, were they able to go to college? How am I going to provide for them? Um, one of the twins was a little worse, a lot worse than the other one and he would never be able to go to college, never be able to probably hold a full time job regularly. So I was concerned about what they would do and he would do how he would provide for himself. Um, If something happens to me, I still worry about him, but okay, Valerie law firm made it so that he will be taken care of financially and that's important to me because I'm not always going to be here and now he has a fund that will take care of him the rest of his life. Yeah. Thank you for Ari.

How did hiring VBG help alleviate some of those fears?

Mechelle Fitzgerald: when we hired the Valerie law firm, we became a team. They made us feel like a team. They made us feel like we were not out there alone in the world with kids with disability. They helped us understand the disability and the limitations that our boys had and we'll have and because of that we were able to take the right path to help them grow and prosper in their lives. It's really important for everybody to feel successful whether you have limitations or not. So the Valerie law firm helped us understand the disabilities that our boys had so that we could help them be successful and take the path and get the resources that is needed to help them feel successful in life. The Valerie law firm brought to the team experts end resources to not just help us through the legal aspect, but those resources reached out further and helped us even after. So we are really appreciative of the Valerie law firm and all that they brought to the table as a team. It helped us feel better about our boy's future.

Would you recommend VBG to other parents of disabled children?

Mechelle Fitzgerald: I would recommend the Valerie law firm. They not only fought for my kids and my Children. They made him feel special. They made us feel special. They made us feel like a team to accomplish what we needed to accomplish. They brought in experts. They went above and beyond the legalities. They helped us understand, they helped us with resources that would help my boys progress and be successful. Call them. If you have a child or Children, disability with disabilities, call them because they will be there for you. I didn't. I would do it again.

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