Celebrate Valentine's Day in Perimeter

January 31, 2023

Mark Galvin of Discover Dunwoody invites you and yours to celebrate Valentine's Day in Dunwoody.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mark Galvin

Introduce yourself and your business.

Hello. All I am Mark Galvin, the director of marketing with discover Dunwoody. What I would love to do is share with you guys a little bit about what we do. Our job as the destination marketing organization for Dunwoody is to get you and your family and your business associates to stay in Dunwoody. We'd love for you to stay at our hotels. We'd love for you to visit our restaurants. We'd love to see you shop more in Dunwoody. So this is my special request for valentine's. If you're looking for a getaway, go to our website, discover Dunwoody dot com. Take a look at our hotels and spend the night in Dunwoody. Take your loved one with you, spend an evening at one of our wonderful nine hotels and you can find them by going to our website at discover Dunwoody dot com. It is so great, so great to see all of you and I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting. Have a great day.

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