Kritika Harbhajanka for Transgenerational Healing Testimonial Videos

January 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kritika Harbhajanka , Baker

How was your experience of Transgenenrational Healing?

Kritika Harbhajanka : So my experience of transgenerational healing was very nice, and I saw immediate results and even experiencing others's healing.. It's a good experience. Maybe I don't want a healing slot very soon again, but I'll be definitely coming for participation.

What are the major takeaways for you from this workshop?

Kritika Harbhajanka : Surrender to fate, and don't blame your parents; and just provide love for your kids... love, love, love that's it.

What 3 words come to your mind to describe the healing process?

Kritika Harbhajanka : Magic one, Because that's how it worked for me. Maybe for other people out there it did not work the same but for me it did. A wonderful experience, a lot of good energy.

How would you describe the program facilitators (Usha)?

Kritika Harbhajanka : So uh interaction with Usha was like very nice. She's very grounded, crisp and sweet if I can say, like she's very clear that you know, okay, this is the issue, you need to work on and this is the issue You don't need to work. That's very nice.

Would you recommend Transgenerational Healing to your friends and loved ones? Why?

Kritika Harbhajanka : Yes, definitely. Even without knowing the process I've brought so many people, so after knowing it I am sending a huge list as long as they are able to accommodate all my list. Yes. Thank you.

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