Chad Dumas review of The Ruthless Equity Accelerator

December 06, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Chad Dumas, Educational Consultant, Next Learning Solution

How has the Ruthless Equity Accelerator supported your work as an educator?

Chad Dumas: The ruthless equity accelerator really takes and helps you apply the learning from this incredible book from ken Williams and just take it and put it into practice, like to actually take the knowledge and help it become skills so that you can really move forward the work of advancing student learning for all students. And so this resource, um, helps you to reflect on your own practice and then apply it.

What makes the Ruthless Equity Accelerator different from other book studies you have done?

Chad Dumas: Other book studies that I've done are all here right. Maybe there's some connection to the heart as you share with each other insights or highlights. What's different about the ruthless equity accelerator is it's geared towards action because we want to be ruthless in pursuing action, making sure that we're changing our practices to impact student learning. And so this accelerator is more than just a book study where you get together and talk and enjoy each other's company, although you'll enjoy each other's company, but you really get to the doing part of improving our practice.

Describe three takeaways from the book study that will strengthen your professional practice?

Chad Dumas: So I'll share with you three key takeaways from engaging in the ruthless equity accelerator. The first key takeaway is this notion that we have to reflect on our own experiences to apply it to our own practice. And I'm thinking specifically in relation to um, this notion of which is a second takeaway of ruthlessness. What does it mean to be ruthless and applying the principles of ruthlessness from our previous experiences to the work of equity? So that's the second takeaway. So ruthlessness. What is it, secondly, learning from our past experiences implying that? And then the third takeaway is this idea of Cosme, equity and Celek witty that can so brilliantly describes where we get stuck in words and we have to move beyond words to actions like words are not enough. Talk is not enough, it's deeds that change the world. It's our actions and our behaviors that make a difference in the lives of students. And so those would be my three key takeaways.

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