Renee & Pascal for TTSG Video Testimonials

September 10, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Renee & Pascal

Tell us who you worked with and what made your experience memorable?

Renee & Pascal: we worked with Susan Austin, and it really was a pleasure that we got matched with her at all in the first place. You know, we're first time Homebuyers. We've never been through this before. We don't know what we're doing. We've never worked with a realtor. We've never looked at houses, and she helped us step by step. Um, and not only that with, like, understanding our needs and showing us places that we're honestly just perfect with us. Perfect for us, but also connecting us with people in her network that just helped make the process easier when it comes to mortgages And all of that, because we were very much newbies. So it's really reassuring. She definitely took us under our wing from the start, made us feel like a friend to begin with and has felt that way ever since. Even now, when we found our home, we're going through the mortgage process, and we still talked with her on a daily basis. And she's just amazing person to work with. Yeah,

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