Aaliyah J Lee for Join TTSG

July 06, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Aaliyah J Lee

Why should you join the team?

Aaliyah J Lee: Hello. My name is Julia jones lee and I think it would be a great addition to your team because I am consistent. I have a little where with all about it. Uh sold uh birth, the house I was raised in for a good amount of time. I didn't want to, I kind of had to and ever since then I've wanted to do it but I've been scared. But when I've seen when I saw this I was like, you know, let me give this a chance to give this a try and see what comes of it. Because you know, I was looking at this for like the last three months. I mean with remax, you know, um I was going to go through a different person of course. But then uh this came up at a time where like I felt like, let me see if I prove myself to somebody who's in it. You know, not just get my real estate license, but let me see if I can convey the energy necessary to, to an experienced real estate agent that they see that potential and the drive and the genuine is inside me and they want to take a chance. So the reason why I think I'm a great fit because one I have a tab bit of experience. I have a ton customer service experience, which to me translates to me being able to listen well to the potential buyer and really finding providing them with something they were actually love, you know, to me. Um I'm attentive, I'm consistent. I have dr work ethic galore. Mm I just want to see families in something. They adore, something they love to me that is like, like, like hair and water. Like homes are a necessity, you know? And besides that, people are always coming to me like lee anything, anything in your neighborhood for rent, anything for. So we're looking for something not even a real estate agent, but because I have a little bit aware with all they trust me enough and you know my style and my apartment um and things of that nature, they really trust my my my, what's the word I'm looking for, They really trust the lane that I put them and they really trust the visions that I have for them. When they give me their ideas, I turn their ideas into a vision and eventually come to life and I feel like I can do that for people. I feel like I can find them some great great homes. I mean I'm seeing them in my area, I'm just like man let me have a good lead list and good tools and teaching tools. Hm I think I can pay a top seller on his freaking team to be honest and that's just the kind of confidence that I have, the confidence that I have in my ability to do this and do this consistently well and above and behind your expectations. I like to pride myself on those types of things going above me on my employer management or what have you um ideas uh or pre assumed ideas, I'll say funny, I'm charismatic, I plan to bring a lot of creativity to this too, um I'm silly, you know, but I'm business oriented and I am really just about families and family orientated things and having a place where families can go really enjoyed themselves through, I suck at these videos, but these are things that I think would make me a great addition to your team, a little experience, um great work ethic, willingness to go above and beyond charisma, positive attitude about everything and just you know, the love, the love for real estate for real because I love it, I really do. I'm passionate about it and the many different avenues that entails, and that's why I think I am a great, I agree candidate, but a great fit for this team.

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