Brian J. Parker for The Explorers Video Collector

July 07, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brian J. Parker, COO - Cheif Operating Officer, Top Page Rankers, Inc

Introduce Yourself!

Brian J. Parker: Hi everyone, my name is brian I'm the Chief operating officer for a top age range.

How was your experience with The Explorers?

Brian J. Parker: Well, I would say the world experience was just extravagant, amazing, the service which the explorers provided us. It was just out of the park and completely amazing, I would say.

Why Set The Explorers apart from other Travel Comapnies?

Brian J. Parker: I think the owner himself isn't our, I mean he's uh such a pleasant guy. Um, he's uh, his interpersonal skills with his clients are just amazing. And uh of course the contacts these people have are just out of the park. I've I mean, I've traveled with other traveling agencies as well in the past, but the sort of contacts arrangements Hassan and esteem had made for us. They were just, I mean, it was it was amazing. It was it was great, I would say.

Would you Recommend The Explorers to your friends and family?

Brian J. Parker: Well, I don't I don't need to think about it for a second. Um I mean, I would definitely recommend explorers to everyone in my contacts and especially if you're incorporating is looking for, you know, an amazing time with your colleagues and and try to get an impression for your company. I mean, he's your go to God Hassan dar with the explorers. We had some last minute arrangements. Um He he's just a go getter. He never says no. I mean he gets it done, no matter what arrangements you're trying to make. So the answer would be yes, definitely. I would love to recommend his services to everyone I know and whoever watches this video. I'd appreciate if you have service if you end up using his services to.

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