Brienne Hennessey

February 06, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brienne Hennessy

I really like that. There is such a wealth of information to the point that it could feel like you're being fire hosed. But Tim makes it clear what needs to be done. He walks through the different elements that need to be highlighted and what to expect to take on for the week or each week's lesson. So that makes it feel a bit more manageable while at the same time meeting people where they are at whatever stage they're at as they join the program. So I've appreciated that because I tend to take my own pace and between Tim's genuineness, his sense of humor and the way he is always open to understanding where we're at in the process, I think it makes it really easy going and makes you feel like you can get it done.

years and in all the different types of business building and networking group programs, I've been involved with None of them are really clear on how to actually get a speaking engagement that is paid. I have been incredibly fortunate to have 50 plus invited speaking gigs. 98% of which were free, which is awesome. I wish I would have known sooner how to better leverage those the way Tim really describes it. And also I was just so grateful to come across someone who is actually going through the methodology for how to do this and how to make it more

communicate, but how I myself could continue to capitalize on getting on a stage. Oh, because I just get so excited about it. This, this was that missing piece for me.

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