Pam Ostrowski for Get Speaking Gigs

February 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Pam Ostrowski

Pam Ostrowski: So one of the favorite things about get speaking gigs is Tim and then all of the content, but it turns out that he has chunkified his knowledge and his experience in order to, to help us be able to consume small bits of information that you're talking about. Maybe a five or 10 minute video. Then we get a P.D.F. So we can go to go through and really learn the basics of how do you get a speaking gig? And then there's Tim with his amazing knowledge, his candidness, he's funny, he's entertaining, he's not hype-y Or sales-y he comes from being one of us as speakers and so it's just been a wonderful experience to work with Tim to go through the course materials and then be able to ask questions in the group meetings and be able to get a feel for, hey, you know, maybe that maybe I can refine my proposal this way or maybe I should rethink my pricing. So I just have found this program to be amazing and I'm pretty picky, I've turned down a lot of opportunities and Tim just was approachable, candid and just outstanding instructor and you know, he kind of feels like the guy that you'd go have a beer with after your course.

Talk about your experience with the Get Speaking Gigs community. Have you been able to network, encourage, or even make friends?

Pam Ostrowski: One of the best parts of the get speaking gigs program and courses is the weekly live zoom sessions with Tim and with all of my colleagues who are looking to achieve the same thing, success as a speaker in order to make a difference in the world. And so it has been such a pleasure to get to know that my colleagues and to be able to ask questions and I have their cell phone numbers and I can text them something and say, hey, what do you think about this? Or did you see that? And we email each other and it's just a really tight knit group of support which is exactly what you need when you're trying to build a speaking business and be able to feel confident that you've got someone who's, who's watching over you and supporting you. So, I really think that that's a very valuable part of this course and something that I don't always see in other courses that I've taken.

Can you think of specific results you got from Tim's advice? Gigs booked? Clarity gained? Connections made? Doors opened? Fees raised?

Pam Ostrowski: Setting up a business around speaking makes you pretty vulnerable. And I needed a lot of perspective and advice and support and I had lots of questions and frankly I found support, but also I got speaking gigs because I've changed up the way that I talk about what I do, and I started out on one lane and probably the biggest change I have is in what I'm talking about and who I'm talking to. So through Tim's worksheets and his training, I've been able to refine and go in honestly uh to a different market, that is much more receptive to my message. So that's huge. I mean, I never would have known that I would have been plodding along, hoping that eventually someone would hire me as a speaker and that market really isn't open for that. So that was probably my first and biggest win with taking this course. And then on top of that, just asking specific questions about like, you know, we make huge mistakes and in writing proposals, meaning that that we're all about us and not about them, or we're focus on or we're missing that "so what?" factor Well, so what does that get my audience? So refining and having templates and leveraging Tim's templates that, by the way, have gotten him speaking gigs is such a relief, it's been so helpful to have those worksheets and that information. So for me, you know, those are the two big wins in participating in this course

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