Megan Bendtzen for Get Speaking Gigs

February 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Megan Bendtzen

Megan Bendtzen: I cannot speak highly enough of working with Tim David. He has been a mentor of mine for over two years now. And gosh, when I think back to where I started and where I am now, I mean, this program and Tim's uh feedback and advice and guidance all along the way has really opened up so many opportunities for me, narrowed my focus, really clarified my messaging and my topic, and I so so, so pleased I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Talk about your experience with the Get Speaking Gigs community. Have you been able to network, encourage, or even make friends?

Megan Bendtzen: One of my very favorite things about working with Tim David is getting to be involved in his community and network of people and family. It really is a family. I have made so many friends, wonderful connections, has so many doors open for me and opportunities. Um, and it's still growing. It's still like when I look back and see all the dots connecting, it's so cool. It it really is a wonderful, wonderful family.

Can you think of specific results you got from Tim's advice? Gigs booked? Clarity gained? Connections made? Doors opened? Fees raised?

Megan Bendtzen: Oh my gosh, when I think about everything that has happened as a result of Tim, oh my God, I mean I was lucky enough to get to share a stage with him and that was the coolest thing because so many doors opened after that and I now have an agent and my fees have tripled quadrupled. I don't know way more than, I mean where I was in the beginning, it's it's just crazy and and really, I mean I had so many different ideas about my topic and Tim really, he gave me some honest feedback and kept me coming back to, you know what what really is my passion like he, I think he saw it clearer than I did. So I really appreciate that, helping me keep my eye on the ball and um yeah definitely. There has been so many doors opened and great things that have come out of working with Tim. Thank you, Tim

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