Cindy S Finch for Get Speaking Gigs

February 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Cindy S Finch

Cindy S Finch: Tim's teaching style engaging, helpful, clear, concise, effective, It's very much content you can dig into and get some actionable steps taken on. I really enjoyed it.

Talk about your experience with the Get Speaking Gigs community. Have you been able to network, encourage, or even make friends?

Cindy S Finch: There's a shared zest in the get speaking gigs community. There's a lot of energy and excitement around this thing that we're all doing that is somewhat bigger, or maybe quite a bit bigger than ourselves. The community is electric.

Can you think of specific results you got from Tim's advice? Gigs booked? Clarity gained? Connections made? Doors opened? Fees raised?

Cindy S Finch: I got some very specific results from Tim's class. I'm a therapist. I had written a book and I was looking to take my work to the next level so that I could lead at a higher level with a bigger audience and help more people. And Tim's very actionable program, helped me to do just that. By the end of the program, I was looking at an offer and going back and forth with a potential client that was $10,000 for a paid gig. So it works.

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