Cathy Sikorski - Review of Get Speaking Gigs

September 20, 2022

Review of the Get Speaking Gigs course, "Inquiry to Income" (Formerly titled, "How Much Do You Charge?"

Video Transcript

Speaker: Cathy Sikorski

Let me know your name and what kind of speaking you do

Cathy Sikorski: Hi, my name is Casey korsky. I am an elder law attorney and I speak to corporations and individuals, financial advisors and insurance people about how to prepare for the legal and financial pitfalls of caregiving and I have recently taken tim's course. How much do you charge? Because I feel like speakers are often um underappreciated, right. And I have years of expertise. I've written a couple of books. I've been doing this for a very long time in terms of my expertise and my speaking has been going on for about five years and tim has made me value who I am, what I do and how to get that message out to my potential customers and clients. And that's where how much do you charge is really critical know your value. That's what tim teaches you and he teaches you the nuts and bolts of how to put it out there. He is awesome. Anything you get from Tim, David is going to make your speaking life better and I can't recommend him enough and I can't wait to take his next course. Whatever that may

What is Tim David's biggest strength as a speaking business coach?

Cathy Sikorski: Tim David's biggest strength as a speaking coach is simply this. He understands what your customer is looking for in terms of a proposal and what you can offer in terms of your best self and how to put it forth. A lot of it's up to you. I'm not gonna lie, but tim is definitely so relatable, so comfortable and so generous with what he has to share about his own speaking life. That if you don't take him up on his offer, you're probably missing a really important piece to not only giving your customers the best experience, but also getting the best experience yourself, Tim. David highly recommended.

Can you think of a specific result you got from following Tim's advice? Gigs booked? Clarity gained? Money earned?

Cathy Sikorski: Here's a specific result I got from TIM's pilot program. How much do you charge? I wasn't charging enough big surprise, right, that I charged more. I got more, but I also learned how to understand that what you're charging for is a whole host of things. And it makes the proposal, the presentation, the gift of your services. If you're a speaker so much bigger, if you understand how to present it, that's what I really learned.

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