Justin Wampach, VP of Product, discusses TigerConnect Resident Scheduling

May 10, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Justin Wampach, Vice President, Product

Introduce yourself!

Justin Wampach: Hi, I'm Justin Wampach VP of Product from TigerConnect.

What product is TigerConnect releasing?

Justin Wampach: TigerConnect Resident Scheduling, it's a complete tool kit to help create update and communicate schedules for physicians in training. We're helping streamline workflows with a modern easy to use scheduling solution.

What are the benefits of TigerConnect Resident Scheduling?

Justin Wampach: The benefits of Resident Scheduling are one ensure program requirements are being met. Two save time building, all of the daily schedules for your residents. And number three schedule your residents into roles so that they can take part in critical workflows.

How does it make scheduling faster, and more efficient?

Justin Wampach: How does it make scheduling faster and more efficient? Here's a few ways. First, with our custom reusable blocks sets, second, flexible rotation assignments with our visual indicators help you know when your staffing levels have been achieved. Third, faster daily schedule creation with our new reusable templates that are all rotation specific. Fourth, no more manual entry to create a daily call roster. Now, everything is automatically assembled including all of your resident scheduling assignments. And lastly, you centralize on call with TigerConnect Physician Scheduling and interact with the right provider at the right time with our TigerConnect Clinical Communication platform.

How do I get started?

Justin Wampach: How do I get started? Really simple. Contact your account manager, your customer success manager or visit our website www.tigerconnect.com

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