Sid Mookerji for Sponsor Welcome

September 28, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sid Mookerji, Managing Partner, Silicon Road Ventures

Welcome to TiECON 2022: CommerceCON!

presented by Silicon Road Ventures

Sid Mookerji: My name is Sid Mookerji, I'm the managing partner and founder of Silicon Road Ventures, a family of venture funds investing in early stage commerce tech startups.

Sid Mookerji: A very warm Welcome to TiECon Atlanta Commerce 2022. There are many synergies between the vision of TIECON Atlanta Commerce 2022 and the mission of Silicon Road Ventures. Both are focusing on commerce tech at SRV. We believe that the future is rife with innovation possible in fintech payments, supply chain logistics take around commerce on your web browser and mobile phones, social commerce and so on. And these are the very areas that this conference will focus on. And finally, Silicon Road Ventures is in Atlanta Fund. We are long on the city and we are happy to support great events like this confidence that will make Atlanta the hub for commerce tech innovation.

Sid Mookerji: TIECON Atlanta Commerce 2022 has an impressive line of speakers starting from Frank blake, former Chairman and CEO of Home Depot in the morning, outstanding panels in the day and closing it out with the founders of Stax the fintech Unicorn. There's a lot to learn. I hope that you, as an attendee will also learn more about the activities of TIECON and become a part of this ecosystem, fostering entrepreneurship once again, a very warm welcome to take on Atlanta Commerce 2022.

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