Rare Breeds Trust of Australia Testimonial

August 08, 2022

Anne Sim, Managing Director of The Rare Breeds Trust of Australia talks about how they have transformed the organisation's administration thanks to TidyHQ.

Video Transcript

Let me introduce myself. My name is Anne Sim and I'm the Managing Director of the Rare Breeds Trust in Australia. The trust was formed over 20 years ago to preserve rare breeds of domestic animals in Australia. They include cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, poultry and waterfowl. Most of the current farmed animals have a very small genetic base to create uniform production with changing conditions and changing food tastes. We need to keep these old breeds to help adapt to new conditions. I have been involved with the trust since its inception and have seen the trust change very much. No longer are people willing to travel very long distances for a meeting. You also have the problem of retaining old records. I recently received a pallet load of records. Most can be destroyed, but no one had taken the time to do that. And the pile had just been accumulating. Our website had become very outdated and tired, but none of us knew enough about Web pages to renew it. We had a Director who did some searching, suggests we take a look at TidyHQ. A very quick look at it convinced me that many of our problems could be solved. The TidyHQ website is the core of it all. At a glance, anyone can see just what is happening. The DIY nature of the Web platform has been wonderful. We have made it vibrant and work hard to keep it up to date. We just have so much there. Here we keep updated figures of the breeds we track. Also, each breed has a detailed description and a photograph. On the front page we advertise Australia wide events, which are of interest to our members. Memberships can be paid direct and with the reduction of banks around Australia the online payment of memberships is of vital importance we have to make it easier for people to join. The storage area area has enabled us to securely keep much information for now and for the future. We have run an annual photo competition on all the entries are filed here. This has given us a huge reservoir of images of the breeds we are now trying to preserve. In the old days, the organization's constitution was not always readily found, but here it is in storage can be sent to anyone required within seconds. The meeting page has it all there. When you know who is going to be at the next meeting and can reschedule if required. As we go, we update it for the next meeting. Lodge directors reports and items of discussion. All our meetings are now conducted via video conferencing. So TidyHQ has allowed us to develop into an organisation which now has a very strong online presence. It keeps all our data and key functions, said it realised in one place. The platform is intuitive and relatively easy for new directors to learn to use. We now feel much more in control of our records and communication. We feel confident none of the valuable information will be lost with the inevitable rotation of volunteers in our organisation.

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