Cycle Somerset Testimonial Video

June 29, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jonathan Sladden

Who is your organisation, and how did you arrive at TidyHQ?

Hi, my name is Jonathan. I'm a founding member of Cycle Somerset A club, which is based in the Southwest of the UK We set up with a few friends and now over 100 members. Four years ago, we had a website which stopped working, and we needed a website to replace suit, which could be set up in a few days and was compliant with data protection guidelines, regulations. TidyHQ was set up within a week, and it allowed us to carry on running our cycle events. It also was good for communications. So now we use it for posting events, sending out newsletters, emails, arranging meetings And it has a list of our policies, such as what a ride leader should do and what members of the club are expected to do. It's thought to be a good investment for our club. And, I'm happy to recommend TidyHQ to other cycle clubs. Thanks

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