Gerry Loots, Willunga Demons Club Customer Testimonial Video

July 04, 2022

Gerry Loots, Secretary and Treasurer for the Willunga Demons Club speaks about TidyHQ

Video Transcript

Speaker: Gerry Loots, Secretary/Treasurer, Willunga Demons Club

Who is your organisation? What role do you have with the organisation?

Gerry Loots: Hi, My name is Gerry. I'm from the Willunga Demons Club, which is a small group of past players and patrons of Willunga Football Club. And our primary objective in life is to raise money for big projects for the football club. Currently, I am the Secretary and Treasurer of that club.

What problems were you looking to solve when you found TidyHQ?

Gerry Loots: When I took on the role of Secretary and Treasurer of the Willunga Demons, of which I've been a member for about 20 years. I wanted to make sure that everything was streamlined because I had seen over the 20 years how other Secretaries and Treasurers had handled the finances and communication, and it was all a bit slipshod. There was a list of of emails that was never correct. There was finances that were always questions about it. Not that it's a big deal for a small club, but it just didn't, nothing was hung together, so having had the TidyHQ experience, I adopted it straight away.

How has Tidy helped you solve this problem? Why would you recommend TidyHQ?

Gerry Loots: TidyHQ helped us hang the whole club together, starting with meetings and in sending invitations out. So people get an invitation and they can respond at the click of a mouse button And we don't have to make phone calls just before the meeting to find out who's coming. Who's not coming. The minutes. The agendas go out before the meeting. The minutes are easy to fill in while the meetings on. So it's very easy. You've got all the prompts and stuff there to do that. It's great to be able to send the minutes out straight away to everybody We don't have to manage external lists, we don't have to manage external bank reconciliations. It is just so easy. It's intuitive, and it's a wonderful piece of work.

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