Port Macquarie Basketball Association

August 09, 2022

Port Macquarie Basketball Association testimonial for TidyHQ. Helping to bring the board and operations on to the same page.

Video Transcript

How does the Port Macquarie Basketball Association run operations and how has Tidy helped?

Hi, My name is Jody Carey and I'm one of the board members with the Port Macquarie Basketball Association in New South Wales. Before we switched over to TidyHQ we were really struggling with our website, our email campaigns and keeping records organised from one board to the next. As a volunteer organisation, there's a lot of turnover. There's a lot, not lot of continuity, but with TidyHQ we can keep everything in one place and everyone has access to the information that they need. We had a website that was quite outdated. It was hard to use. It wasn't very intuitive and it was really difficult for new families moving into the area to be able to find anything about basketball because it just didn't have the modern functionality that a website should. Our emails were also quite primitive looking. We weren't able to add images, but now we have an integration through TidyHQ with Mailchimp. So our emails look just as flashy as everybody else's and they're super easy to create and then, from a board perspective, being able to have all of our minutes documented and stored in one place, tasks and action items all coming out to us through the system on an email alert has allowed us to be more effective and take and a lot of time away from time poor volunteers who are doing their best. But we've worked really hard to build up the communications system with our members and TidyHQ. It makes it so much easier for us to do that, everything being in one area. The other thing that we've really appreciated with TidyHQ is the personal customer service. So we're not left on our own trying to find out how to do things via YouTube. There's a lot of good recordings that they do and webinars that they have, but they're also available for one on one personal assistance. If anything is goes wrong, they have rectified it immediately. And, it's really good programme that has worked out very well for our growing organisation. We highly recommend TidyHQ

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