Oscar Pedroso for Meet the Thimble.io Team!

October 11, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Oscar Pedroso, CEO, Thimble.io

Oscar Pedroso: Hello I'm Oscar pedroso founder and ceo of symbol.

Oscar Pedroso: My top three responsibilities include executing on a vision, building a team to execute on that vision, and making sure there's enough money in the bank.

Why is Thimble.io's mission important to you?

Oscar Pedroso: Thimble.io's mission is important to me because I've spent most of my life in education, observing many of the challenges school districts face in making STEM education accessible to kids of all types. So Thimble is here to bring that right to the forefront, ensuring that every boy and girl gets a chance to experience some kind of STEM skill, uh, not forcing it, but just giving a chance for them to consider it as a possible interest and hopefully a career path.

Describe your experience with Thimble.io

Oscar Pedroso: I love working at Thimble.io not only because we are achieving significant social impact across the world by bringing STEM education to kids, but I get to work with the smartest people on my team, and I'm always learning from them. This venture is always a work in progress and it's great to think about what education looks like 5, to 10 years from now, and I get to actually work on that every single day with my team.

Tell us something fun about yourself! (Favorite ice cream, a secret talent, hobby, etc.)

Oscar Pedroso: I know how to say all 50 states in alphabetical order, all in one breath.

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