Sara Lisanti for Client Stories

September 02, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sara Lisanti

Share some of the reasons you enjoyed working with Jill & The Jill Smith Team.

Sara Lisanti: My name is Sarah and I've used Jill on more than one occasion for my real estate needs. My mother's used her multiple times. My brothers used her. We've had friends user as well and I would highly highly recommend using her for anything that has to do with real estate. She's reliable, dependable, honest, makes sure to really have a lasting relationship. You're not just a one time client, which I highly appreciate.

Why did you choose to work with us over other real estate agents?

Sara Lisanti: After seeing the level of work, and professionalism with my mother and some other friends, I chose to work with Jill because I knew the type of caliber of work I was going to, to get and I wanted to make sure that I didn't have to, you know, that someone was working hard for me, that I didn't have to sit there and babysit. and she is very honest and gives you real opinion on what you know what your home is capable for for, you know what you're looking for. So

What was the biggest problem we helped you overcome?

Sara Lisanti: I guess the biggest problem that Jill helped me overcome was I had to my ex husband and I had to sell our marital home and you know, a divorce is not the easiest situation. But she dealt with both of us completely professional, made sure to communicate well and got us more than what we had even hoped for with our house.

Did we exceed your expectations? How?

Sara Lisanti: Yes, she'll exceeded my expectations with my home that I sold, she got it for, sold it well over asking price. The house that I purchased, she made sure that everything went really smooth and I got a great deal and then I've rented out my home and she helped me get excellent tenants with great background and you know, good rental history etcetera and more than I had anticipated being able to get for rent. So I have nothing but positive things to say in regards to that.

Would you recommend Jill and The Jill Smith Team and why?

Sara Lisanti: I would highly recommend Jill and Jill Smith team for to anyone who's looking to do anything with real estate, whether it's buying, selling renting. Jill and her team. you can count on the fact that they're going to be honest, professional and have a lasting relationship. Some, I couldn't ask for anything more and any time I'm going to do anything with real estate here in the Houston area, I will definitely be reaching out to Jill and her team.

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