Robin Holmen for Client Stories

September 02, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Robin Holmen

Introduce yourself, & share some of the reasons you enjoyed working with me & The Jill Smith Team when it came to your real estate needs.

Robin Holmen: So I met Christina um mm basically because I looked at her face online and I liked what I saw. We, my husband and I were moving from colorado to texas. My husband retired from his job and we need a place to live. I contacted Christina and a friend of mine and I came down in March. We looked at a few places We actually really, really liked one that we looked at and I put an application. Christina showed me a number of places throughout the Houston Cyprus area and none of them really fit except for that first one. And then we got turned down my husband and I moved here middle of june middle of May sorry. And um mm we came Greg and I came and looked at this place that we're in now one time fell in love with it. The yard is perfect for our dogs. Um the floors we wanted basically tile floors, three bedrooms with a nice yard and Christina. Finally exact perfect house for us, turns out that the neighbors are so nice, we're so grateful for everything that was done for us to get us into this place. Christina has been instrumental as I told her she's my new best friend because I don't have any friends in texas. So she's my new best friend and I'm just grateful to be here and grateful for Christina to help us get this place that we are in. We signed a two year lease and when we do decide to buy, we'll be going through Christina for sure. Thanks again. We love you guys. Thanks

Why did you choose to work with me over other real estate agents?

Robin Holmen: I chose Christina. There was something about her face. Had to do it all online with Covid and living in colorado. It didn't have any choices as far as coming down and looking at every single house available for rent. Um, I looked at her face, I saw her eyes and I just knew that she was the right fit for us. And then I talked to her and sealed the deal. She really has gone above and beyond taking care of my family, my dogs and my husband. So we're grateful.

What was the biggest problem I helped you overcome?

Robin Holmen: well, we had some financial difficulties. Um I had gotten sick prior to moving to texas. Um I had had five surgeries on my neck just to get here. Um, our credit suffered tremendously. We had just sold our home in colorado. So basically we were debt free Christina, advised me to write a letter explaining the situations that put us where we are and what our goals were. We did, that she found our home where we are now and talked with the landlord and was able to get them to agree with the situation. Um, we didn't look great on paper, but in person, I think we're worth a shot. And she made sure that the new homeowner knew that, that the homeowner knew that and that we were going to be able to take care of the home that we were allowed to rent and we've done that and deuces.

Did I exceed your expectations? How?

Robin Holmen: Christina went above and beyond getting us where we need to be. She helped me figure out financially where we needed to be. Um, she helped me figure out what we needed as far as the size of a home. And she instructed me and proofread every letter I wrote and everything that I just relied on Christina so, so much. Um, I know that Reynolds don't bring a huge commission to realtors, but what Christina did was she met me in March, my friend and myself. Then she met me and Greg in june when we moved here and she set this up. We are so happy where we are. We love this house, so safe, so secure, um, so great for our dogs now. We're just settling in and love and life in texas.

Would you recommend me and The Jill Smith Team and why?

Robin Holmen: If you need somebody to go above and beyond and help you get your goals met, um, as far as place to live, where you want to live, how you want to live, this is the group to follow. They Christina especially has just taking my hand and led me through the maze that is texas real estate. Uh, I'm grateful to have her on my side. When Greg and I just do finish our lease here, we will be looking for a house to buy and I know where I'm going to go. I'm gonna go with Christina for sure.

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