RiskStream Member Testimonial | IMA Financial

February 01, 2023

Garrett Droege, Director of Innovation & Strategy for IMA Financial talks about the benefits of being a RiskStream member and the importance of exploring blockchain's use in insurance

Video Transcript

Speaker: Garrett Droege, Director of Innovation, IMA Financial Group

How will RiskStream help your organization?

Garrett Droege: Well, IMA has committed itself to becoming the broker of the future, and for us, that means we're leaning in with the Technologies of tomorrow, including Blockchain. RiskStream, allows us to be part of that foundational conversation around blockchain's use in the insurance industry RiskStream's members are like IMA their forward thinking, committed to pushing the industry forward through collaboration and sharing and hands on working groups.

How would you describe RiskStream in three words?

Garrett Droege: Three words: innovative, collaborative and transformational.

What would you tell someone who's considering joining RiskStream?

Garrett Droege: I would say if you're committed to moving the industry forward in meaningful ways, I would join the RiskStream Collaborative. Blockchain is revolutionary technology, and its implications are really only just beginning to become evident. With RiskStream, it allows you to be at the forefront of the revolution and to help shape it. Blockchain is going to allow us to move faster, be more transparent, be more trusted and ultimately be better for our clients. I encourage you to join.

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