Mike Bronzino for The Institutes Assessments Team Video Testimonials

March 24, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mike Bronzino, Senior Director of Assessments

What did you do before you landed your role on the Assessments Team?

Mike Bronzino: Hello, I'm Mike Bronzino. I joined The Institutes in 2019. Prior to joining The Institutes and landing my role in Assessments, I worked for a large multinational insurance carrier. I had roles in both underwriting and marketing. My underwriting experience and background was focused primarily on commercial business. Over the course of my 30 plus year career, I had the opportunity to work with many different types of commercial operations and underwrote across all property and casualty lines of insurance.

What are your tips for students preparing for an exam?

Mike Bronzino: In getting ready and preparing for your exam, I would suggest the following tips. First and foremost, focus your study efforts on the educational objectives. The educational objectives are the central theme of the content and the material exam questions directly relate to the educational objectives. Second, as you focus on the educational objectives as you study, try to apply the material content, etc, to what you do on a day to day basis. Putting the subject matter into that type of framework and actually applying the topics to real-world situations definitely help with retention. Finally, as you prepare for your exam, establish a set study schedule that allows you to take your exam at least one week before the window ends. Waiting until the end of the testing window only adds to the actual pressures of taking the actual exam.

How do you decide what questions to include on an exam?

Mike Bronzino: The questions that we include on an exam are designed to test and measure of the student's overall comprehension and knowledge of the content, and the material. Each exam is designed to be a fair and consistent experience. All of the credentialing exams and questions that we use are extensively quality controlled before release and are reviewed at regular intervals to make certain that they perform exactly as intended.

What designations do you have and when did you earn them?

Mike Bronzino: Personally, I've earned my CPCU ARM Reinsurance, Marine, and Management designations. I earned my CPCU designation in 1992. This was my 1st designation. Next, I focused on earning my ARM designation. The risk management material was very valuable in working with risk managers of commercial operations to help them evaluate their overall enterprise wide risk exposures. My other professional designations were in areas of personal interest. These were subjects that I wanted to learn that would enable me to better assist my clients and customers. Over my career I've taken more than 25 exams with The Institutes.

Mike Bronzino: Studying for and getting ready for your exams can be a time consuming and stressful process. It certainly was for me during my studies. This is why I strongly suggest to students early on, they established a set study schedule. Making certain to build some time into that schedule to do other things. Find an opportunity to rest, relax, and recharge. For me, during studying, it was taking the dog for a walk. It was playing ball with the kids in the backyard. It was preparing dinner for the family. Don't neglect your other priorities. Oh, and remember

Mike Bronzino: to reward yourself when you're successful in completing the course in the program and the exam. Uh that was a major motivating factor

Mike Bronzino: Uh that was a major motivating factor for me and enabled me to keep my focus.

Mike Bronzino: So, good luck, have fun, and enjoy the experience.

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