Jeannette M. - Finding the Strength and Motivation to Overcome Over 15 Years of Insomnia

June 29, 2022

Jeanette struggled with insomnia for 15 years as sleep medications made her depressed and stopped working. She tells her story of getting her life back with the help of CBT-I and The Insomnia Clinic.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jeannette M.

Describe your sleep problem before coming to The Insomnia Clinic.

Jeannette M.: Before I went to The Insomnia Clinic, I was not getting any rest at all. It seemed like I couldn't fall asleep, couldn't stay asleep, was very lethargic, very tired. The worst time I've ever had with the insomnia, which I've had for many, many years.

Describe your experience trying to fix your sleep problem before coming to the clinic.

Jeannette M.: Over the course of the years before this, I tried many different medications recommended by my doctor. Some worked for a short time and then they stopped working. I would take more. I would overdo the drugs and became very depressed. And it just seemed like nothing was working for me at the time. And then my doctor recommended the sleep...insomnia clinic.

What was different about The Insomnia Clinic?

Jeannette M.: The difference with The Insomnia Clinic is it was, other people like me that had the same problems I had for years and years. And the professionals there were very knowledgeable about how to treat it. And what to do to help you get your life back so that insomnia is no longer a problem for you.

Take us to the moment you realized our program was working for you.

Jeannette M.: I'm not exactly sure when I realized the program was working. Because during the seven months that I was seeing a professional at The Insomnia Clinic, I had gotten sick. And that lead me backwards, kind of from where I was starting to get a little bit of more routine. But after I came out of that, it just seemed like you have to be determined. And of course my insomnia specialist really helped walk me through all the problems I was having and why that was causing me the insomnia. And then, before the last visit, I realized how much better I was getting. And I decided, on my own terms, that I think I was ready to stop the program.

Tell us what life looks like now that you're sleeping and feeling better.

Jeannette M.: Now that I am doing better with my insomnia, I don't feel the tiredness. I don't feel the depression. I feel a little bit more normal. And so, it still is dependent on me following the steps. To do what I need to do to get my sleep at night without waking up or without even staying awake. So, I am so thankful to The Insomnia Clinic and my personal therapist who helped me through all this. And I know that if I do have a slip up, I can always return and get additional help. I thank them so much for everything they've done and I would recommend them to anybody that has a sleep insomnia.

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