Caroline Hoag for Customer Testimonial Videos

March 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Caroline Hoag

Grab a bottle in hand and tell us or show us your favorite uses for HypoChlorous.

Caroline Hoag: Hey there, my name is Caroline Hogg. I am a wife a mama to three sweet littles and I'm an aroma therapist. I own my own brand and company called Hey their wellness. I work one on one with clients to support their wellness through aromatherapy. I make custom products for them. And I also own my own small batch skincare line called Bygone Botanicals and my skin care line And all the products that I make for my clients are completely non toxic, clean and pure. So one of the ways that I love to use Hypochlorous is in my good manufacturing practices for my business. I think it would be so weird to use a toxic chemical laden product to sanitize and disinfect my workstation When I go to make products for my non toxic beauty business. Right? So I absolutely was blown away when I learned about the Hypochlorous company. I have been using nontoxic products for over a decade. I ditched them like well over 10 years ago and I have never found anything that lives up to the hype the way this product does. These wipes are so similar in use to what you would see in the stores disinfectant sanitizing wipes. But these are more powerful. Like you can clean your toilet with them but they're gentle enough and safe enough to to use on your skin, on your kids on your pets. You could wipe down an apple and then eat it. It's, I was blown away by the fact that your body actually makes this compound. So your body recognizes it. It is safe and gentle and yet so much more powerful than the icky stuff that you find on store shelves that unfortunately isn't safe. In fact, I used this the other day, I sprayed it in my mouth because my son out of fever and we have some stuff coming up and I didn't want to get sick. There are just countless ways to use this stuff. But right now, what I'm really loving it for is in this season of sickness, keeping things clean and stopping the spread of germs and and making sure that everything that I'm making for my business is completely clean and sanitized with these incredible wipes.

Why do you use HypoChlorous over other products?

Caroline Hoag: The reason that I choose Hypochlorous over other products is really simple. It works better and it's actually safe, proven to be more effective than bleach and actually safe for your body. There are so many products on the store shelves that are full full of ingredients that are disrupting our hormones, They're causing skin irritation, they're causing allergies. There are known carcinogens in them, They're banned in other countries and yet they're still on our store shelves. What the heck? So this product, it has really simple natural ingredients that you can recognize and yet it's more effective. I don't need to know anything else.

Let us know your favorite thing about HypoChlorous!

Caroline Hoag: One of my favorite things about this product is how versatile it is because it's so powerful and effective and yet so safe and gentle. It can be used to deodorize and disinfect your bathroom. But it can also be used as a hand sanitizer for your littlest child. You can spray it and your food and it will actually clean your fruits and vegetables and get rid of any harmful bacteria. It can clean out your kitchen sink. It can literally do everything and you don't need gobs and gobs of product in a bunch of different containers. You really just need this stuff and also the wipes because those are pretty handy.

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