Adrianne C. Testimonial - The Healing Consultant

March 28, 2023

Customer testimonial for The Healing Consultant who has raving reviews about the CBD Lavender Salve and CBD Roll-on.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Adrianne C.

What was the reason you decided to try our CBD products?

Adrianne C.: Good morning. Good morning. I just want to say The Healing Consultant is the bomb dot com. I use the CBD Salve and I tried the roll on on my back and on my knees and on my wrist and it absolutely relieved the pain and discomfort. I suggest that anybody experiencing the same things that I am experiencing or have experienced you need to try it.

What changes have you noticed in your health or wellbeing after using our CBD products?

Adrianne C.: So I've been using the salve for about three weeks now.

Adrianne C.: About three weeks on my wrist, my back and my knees, and it has been extremely effective reducing the pain and allowing me to sleep better at night.

What is your favorite thing about our CBD products?

Adrianne C.: It has reduced the discomfort in my wrists, back and knees. Um, that I was having for quite some time for several years now. I stopped using all of the other opioids and things like that because I just didn't want to use those things. I'd rather use something more natural and they have definitely been effective helping to relieve the discomfort in those areas.

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