Annual $250 Persistence Grant Opportunity

November 05, 2021

John Salvetta, FA College and Career Advisor announces Persistance Grants

Video Transcript

A special message from Mr. Salvetta

Hey alumni it's Ms. Salvetta coming to you with some great news from Friends of Foundation. So Friends of Foundation this year year launched the Persistence Grant for the class of 2021. And, that grant awarded them with a $1,000. $250 dollars per year for up to four years after high school graduation. For use of supplies, on tuition tools if you're a trade school or tuition for trade school... um and now they've raised enough money to help anyone from the classes of 2018, 2019, and 2020 who are currently enrolled or planning to enroll and go back for up to four years after high school graduation. So, for those of you in class of 2020, sorry 2018 who are still enrolled, you can get $250 to help you with books this term or supplies from this term or the Spring term. Trying to get those spring books paid for as you round out your college career. 2019 you have up to $500 that you can earn and 2020 you have up to $750 that you can claim. The link will be on our Instagram bio. We will also send it out an email we want you to have this money to help you push on through. If you're not currently enrolled in this $250 is going to help you, it's there for you please go on fill out the application, get your Persistence Grant money to help you through. Of course if you need more money than that, if you've run into different circumstances, we do have the Emergency Fund. Talk with myself or Miss Agyeman. If you're seeing this on social media and you don't have our contact info, you can DM us. We'll respond back or hit me up on my cell phone or Miss A. We both posted our information. We do have our Calendly in the link in the bio reach out to us so we can help you with that. There's a few other grants out there that could possibly help you if money is what's keeping you from reaching that goal. We are all so very proud of all of you, whether you are in school in the workforce, graduated, considering going back in your Master's degrees. We see you, we're proud of you keep on pushing, we're here to help so reach out if you need anything we are here. But please make sure that you claim that $250 from the Persistence Grant that's there to help you. Be safe and have an enjoyable holiday. And crush it as as those finals come up. We see you all! Have a great day. Bye!

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