Kelly Freeman for Share Your Story With Us!

July 20, 2022

Test video from Kelly

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kelly Freeman

Please introduce yourself & share your diagnosis. How long did it take for you to get a diagnosis?

Kelly Freeman: Hi, my name is Kelly Freeman and I was diagnosed with pots and mast cell activation syndrome in the fall of 2011.

When you went for help, what happened with the doctors? What did a typical day look like then compared to now?

Kelly Freeman: Well, my first doctor misdiagnosed me with anxiety disorder. Then I worked with a research doctor who suspected I had pots and then I went to an autonomic specialist for diagnosis. Back then I was not, I'm really able to get out of bed, drive a car. I was struggling to go anywhere, do anything. Now I'm able to live a mostly functional life, but I have to do things a lot differently.

What role has TDP & the TDP Book played in helping you? Do you have any words of advice for other dysautonomia patients you want to share?

Kelly Freeman: The disorder no MIA project has been providing hope to many patients and has helped to educate many providers.

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