Ria Wilson for How Did We Do?

October 18, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ria Wilson, Executive Director, New Beginnings Life Center Services NFP

Could you describe your experience working with The Dates Group ?

Ria Wilson: Hi, my name is Real Wilson. I am the founder and executive director of new beginnings Life center Services, N. S. P A 501 C three dedicated to helping survivors and their Children of abuse go from surviving to thriving. I was given great counsel, wonderful leadership, Everything by key dates and dates group simply put, there would be no new beginnings life center without the dates group. The experience I had with them was overwhelmingly wonderful. Very kind, very professional, understood how much this nonprofit meant to me, understood and took it on as their own personal project. They loved it and they cared for it and they set me up to be a success to helping women overcome abuse. I am so grateful to key dates and dates group for all that they did and all that they consistently do because they follow up, they make sure that things are going smoothly and to find out if there's anything else that I need. I am currently in the process of preparing to have funding from the dates group so I'm so excited um, to just let all of you know, they are a wonderful company, a wonderful organization and I would refer them to any and everyone, no matter what, the business that you're trying to start dates group can help you get started

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