Zeeshan Kangasani Video Testimonial

November 27, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Zeeshan

Could you tell us about your learning experience at DAx Institute?

Zeeshan: Hi, this is Zeeshan and I work as a portfolio delivery lead at Westpac. I had the privilege of taking up the analytics course of the DAx Institute. This course is well presented in a very enthusiastic way. The concepts are designed in a very easy manner that anyone from a non technical background will find it very useful. And the course itself is designed so well that I was able to balance my work and studies. At the same time, I would strongly recommend this course for anyone who is passionate about a career in data engineering or data analytics. Thank you.

How was the internship experience and how did that help as a stepping stone to your first data job?

Zeeshan: I did not have the privilege of taking the internship at DAx but however the fellow students I did the course with you know took up this internship and landed up with a few amazing jobs across retail and in media outlets. I feel like you know this internship is well structured. You know personally having looked at the way the course is designed. I think I would strongly recommend people doing this internship not just getting a career in data analytics but also you know understanding the concepts which will help them which will complement them across you know, any jobs that they do in the IT Industry.

How did the DAx Institute professionals help you in your job hunt?

Zeeshan: Not a data engineer myself. However, after having done this course, I soon updated my Linkedin profile with this information and and the recruiters started calling me to having discussions about opportunities within this field. And that's when I did my job at Westpac And now I lead a team of data engineers who help me do data transformation in big data.

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