Balu - The DAx Institute Testimonial

December 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Balu V Pillai

Could you tell us about your learning experience at DAx Institute?

Yes, the DAx Institute learning experience was really positive for me, especially to keep me on track. The weekly lessons instructor that lessons were absolutely absolutely beneficial. The instructors were really good, very helpful, very positive to keep me to have kept me on track just to carry on with my work, my assignments to actually review them. It has been immensely, immensely helpful for me also, not to underrate. The self-paced lessons were amazing as well. I mean there were there were places where I had to get some more information and it was, it was always accessible for me. I could just go in there, refer to that and then come back with some more questions information. But it was a great experience. It's a it's a great exposure, great experience and having to have heard from you know, some of the teachers about the topic, different topics within data analytics. Also immensely helped.

How was the internship experience and how did that help as a stepping stone to your first data job?

Definitely internship was the single best thing I got from this entire course of course the training and everything benefited. But as I was trying to actually apply for jobs put put information down into CV There were a lot of rejections because of needing experience and you know it could be in the area of python and doing some kind of visualization with Power BI data analytics while I had some experience it wasn't enough for me to actually crack into a job. So it was always that case that I had to get some work experience or some form of experience that I could actually then show into my C.V At the same time kind of aid that with some background knowledge. Right? So it had to be not just a training per se but it had to be some somewhere that I could actually work on a project on a real life project and kind of manifest that back into my CV. So that was really beneficial. In fact at the end I managed to get a job at Honeywell in the data analytics team within the aerospace division. and it's not just come very easily. I've had to apply for a lot of jobs and went through a lot of rejections and so and so forth. But ultimately I'm very very happy and I do think that the internship experience played a major major part for me getting that job being called for that interview. And there were a lot of questions about my internship also during the interview which I thankfully managed to clear and yeah, there I am.

How did the DAx Institute professionals help you in your job hunt?

Yeah, definitely. I think I would say that I wouldn't have got my job if it was not for the DAx Institute trainers and mentors because number one, they were continuously very pushy throughout, you know, trying to actually put me through to job positions, looking at my CV, trying to add keywords and by the way, I didn't know about, you know, certain techniques of how you structure your CV, or how you get called for for an interview, really did matter upon what keywords you had in your CV and how you're getting filtered out. So there were a few insights that that I was missing that I I caught from from the mentors and not to lie, I did get a lot of opportunities that came through somewhere a bit more far away from where I lived, but some very commutable, but I did apply for a lot of jobs and the addition of the, the experience, the internship and the training that I had and all these keywords into the CV really kind of put me up there and I was quite surprised to see um you know, opportunities to go and at least attend and interviews and speak to some of these job agencies. So yeah, that was very, very positive

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