Anjali Video Testimonial

December 16, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Anjali

Could you tell us about your learning experience at DAx Institute?

Anjali : DAx Institute offered a hybrid version of classes, which was weekly (live) classes and self-paced learning. Which turned out to be very beneficial As a mom, the self-paced learning was very helpful because I could do the learning at my own pace. To be honest, I was quite sceptical to join this course because I didn't have a tech background and I was not sure if, you know, you needed some kind of expertise, to do this course, but I am glad I joined this. Because though I was a beginner, there was no instances where I felt I was a beginner and the mentors really helped me um, to understand each and every aspect.

How was the internship experience and how did that help as a stepping stone to your first data job?

Anjali : As anyone knows, it's quite difficult to get a job in Australia without without a local experience. And one thing that attracted me to DAx Institute course was the fact that they offer internships. So, once I finished my course, I was able to do some internships in a good tech startup. And there I actually could apply the skills and you know what I learned in the course is also in between we had presentations that really build up my confidence to interact with the CEO of those start-ups and understand what they require and kind of work towards that project. So I think the internships really help because you kind of apply the skills, you know, real work in a work situation.

How did the DAx Institute professionals help you in your job hunt?

Anjali : In addition to the support that we got during the course and the internship, there was a lot of help that I got from the mentors during job searches and I think that was very, very prime because they're not just help me with resume creation and giving me tips on how to face an interview. They actually did mock interviews and that that really it was helpful because then I knew what kind of questions I had to face that interviews. I can't just help thanking the mentors and coaches at DAx Institute, because without their help, I don't think I would have ended up getting a good job. So thank you DAx Institute.

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