The Culture at Fergus

March 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Angela, Recruitment - NZ. Katie, Marketing Manager UK. Chris, Account manager - Australia. Christine, Sr. Product Marketing Manager - NZ. Anna, Software Engineer - NZ. Charles, BDR Team Lead - NZ. Dale, Customer Success Specialist - NZ. Lara, Customer Success Specialist - Australia. Ghie, Customer Support Specialist - NZ. Kevin, Support Engineer - NZ. Thu, Software Engineer - NZ. Sonia, Senior Quality Engineer - NZ. Chelsea, Chief of Revenue - NZ. Tom, UK Sales Lead. Tim, Account Manager - UK. Issie, Customer Success Specialist - UK. Nick, Regional Revenue Manager - NZ

What is the best thing about the culture at Fergus?

Angela: The best thing about Fergus culture is obviously the people. It's warm, open and inclusive, and I'm proud to be part of that team.

Chris: the support network is unmatched.

Lara: The best thing about Fergus is definitely how supportive everybody is. There are so many amazing people here. Everyone just wants to uplift you and help out always.

Charles: The best thing about the Fergus culture is that everyone is very customer driven. You can ask questions to anyone and they'll be very supportive and keen to collaborate, and that helps to build a product that traders are gonna love.

Christine: The best part about Fergus's culture is definitely the people. We have a really passionate group here who care deeply about their roles and also the mission to make tradies lives better.

Dale: the people. Flexibility and opportunities would have to be my top three.

Thu: I believe one of the best things about Fergus culture is our people.

Tom: you actually treat it like an adult.

Ghie: I love it that everyone is approachable and friendly despite or whatever position you're in in the company.

Nick: So what's the best thing about the Fergus culture? it's the people. People make this a fun place to work.

Katie: Yeah, I think the best thing about Fergus is work culture is that it creates a really safe and comfortable environment for everyone to share their ideas without being worried about being judged or thinking that they're not good enough. There's always a place for you to have your opinions and to share them with the team, and it's just a really great way of ensuring that we're all able to have a voice in the company and feel like they're being listened to as well.

Anna: everyone's so supportive and there are willing to give their time to help you learn and develop.

In one word how would you describe working at Fergus?

Kevin: inclusive.

Chelsea: people.

Sonia: people.

Tim: exciting.

Issie: friendly.

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