Radha's Testimonial

April 28, 2022

Video Transcript


RADHA BALANI (RB): Hi there, my name's Rada or RB. This is Ralphie. I've just come back from the BNKR I was there for 11 days and I have come back home to London.

What was the reasons of joining us at The BNKR?

RADHA BALANI (RB): Training holidays are what I do. When I get the chance to go on holiday, I've spent a lot of time traveling the world with work and adding a couple of days at the beginning and end of the trip perhaps. But really when I go on holiday for myself, I always want to go on a training holiday. I've spent loads of time training in Thailand and I really enjoyed it. It was wonderful, but it got a little bit too aggressive, competitive, a little less collegiate, a little less spit and sawdust, which is what I wanted. And that's why I came to the BNKR.

What is unique about The BNKR?

RADHA BALANI (RB): The thing that I think is most unique about the BNKR is a brilliant combination of excellent science based training, sports science is my background, I'm qualified coach myself and I need to know that when I'm being coached by someone and when someone's doing my programming that they know more than I do and I 100% felt as though Dimi knew more than I did and knows more than I do and that was brilliant. The nutrition side of things was awesome and it was a great balance of it being locally reflective, designed for optimum performance, interesting, tasty. Everything I needed really. And then the final bit is the combination of people Vicky, Dimi Bianca, Delaney Namanthi, everyone made an environment that made me feel really safe and comfortable add to that. The other people that were there absolute winner.

How has your life transformed at all as a result of your time at The BNKR?

RADHA BALANI (RB): I have a bit of a complicated relationship with training and exercise and sport and performance alongside being an early recovery from an eating disorder that I've had for, you know, my entire life, and the thing that I think has changed for me is that I have a much better understanding of my own fitness levels and what I'm capable of whilst eating well and not overtraining, but still pushing myself hard. And um, that's a lesson that I'm going to take away with me, recognizing that perhaps how I look on the outside, um, isn't actually reflective of how fit I am and how much fitter I'd like to be as well. So yeah, that's what I'm taking away.

What would you say to someone who is still on the fence about joining a BNKR retreat?

RADHA BALANI (RB): I can understand why If you've never done anything like this before, you might be a bit nervous. Don't sit on the fence. Just go for it. There is literally nothing to lose. You will be welcomed with open arms. Vicky has created an environment that makes it safer for everyone. Any fitness level, any size, any background. Um, so go Nike. Just do it.

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