Emily Assender for Guest Feedback

November 08, 2022

Emily's feedback on her remote working, fitness and kitesurfing retreat in Sri Lanka.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Emily Assender

Emily Assender: Hey, I'm Emily, I'm from the UK. I had originally planned to stay at the BNKR for four weeks. My plan was to work from there remotely as well and do the training and the nutrition at the same time. I ended up actually staying for eight or nine weeks. in the end, I kept extending my stay and couldn't get enough.

Why did you join a BNKR Retreat?

Emily Assender: So the reason I joined the BNKR is because, since Covid, everything has changed in terms of remote working. Flexibility around the hours that you do. And I really wanted to take advantage of that and start focusing on how to live a much more balanced and happy lifestyle. And so I wanted to go somewhere where it was amazing weather, I really wanted a beach gym with that rustic feel. I still wanted the ability to be able to do my work during the day at the same time, but I knew that in order for me to create a really good, strong foundation and good habits around exercise and nutrition, I needed a bit of help and for that part to be taken care of whilst I was building up a habit of it. So I went because I really wanted to make that shift and basically get a really strong foundation so that I can really continue to live a much more balanced and happy life and already then have that habit of eating well and going to the gym and things like that and that's exactly what it's done

What is unique about The BNKR?

Emily Assender: I think what is unique about the BNKR, there are two elements two sides to it. First of all, it's the actual experience that is unique and also the second part is what is actually like the product that is unique. So what I mean by the experience is that it's in a location, I attended the BNKR in sri Lanka and it's in a location up north, which is a real kite surfing hub. So you can also take advantage of learning how to kite surf or extending your skills there, which I did and it was amazing. The community is such a rustic awesome feel. Um, it's just such an incredible experience that doesn't, it's not overly advertised as a fitness holiday where they just like churn out the same framework again and again, it's like a really unique wonderful community feel experience. And then in terms of the uniqueness of the product again, because it's not a, broad fitness type holiday that's churned out again and again, everything is really uniquely tailored for you. So the nutrition, the food is just incredible. So Vicky who runs it is also a nutritionist and she has just created the most fantastic, beautiful menus. So you're eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and what was so incredible about it is that I didn't get hungry. It was quite a shift to not snack during, between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner, but you're always full, you always fueled, you're eating really, really clean. My skin got less puffy, it got clearer. I had so much more energy than I normally would. And then that coupled with the personal training and the actual fitness classes on the beach in this incredible setting. It was just such a unique, perfect product and I think what a lot of us need sometimes, especially from the West, you're kind of over exposed to materialistic things and um so much like stimulus going on and there, you can really retreat into like simplicity and really take advantage of, again, this really wonderful and unique experience and product

Has BNKR helped to transform your life?

Emily Assender: As I said in the beginning, my original purpose for attending was because I knew that in order to move forward and live a really balanced and happy life, I needed to get that foundation right, which was health and fitness and nutrition. and the BNKR has really set me up to to really have that core foundation of strength and fitness. It allowed me to break through barriers. I didn't even realize I that that were there for me for example doing so much exercise all of the time and eating clean and really fueling your body, you can do way more than you ever believed that you could. In addition I really took advantage of all of the kite surfing opportunity there as well. And so now kite surfing is one of my staple hobbies. I'm pleased to say you can actually do it in loads of spots in the U. K. As well. And I really really enjoy weights now I realised that in order to build lean muscle, weights are really key component to that. So,gosh, my life will be so different had I not gone to the BNKR and now I live life thinking about how I can create more wonderful experiences by placing myself in situations with sunshine and fitness and exercise and really making sure that that's kind of a frequent part of my future

What would you say to someone who is still on the fence about joining a BNKR retreat?

Emily Assender: I think for people that are on the fence about whether to join or attend the BNKR retreat or not, I think you've got to think about really, what are your goals? So there were some people there that attended for maybe just one or two weeks. They wanted to get a kick start, just reboot their fitness, get a good tan and have a bit of fun. And those people had an absolutely fantastic time if your goal is a bit different, if you're really serious about making that lifestyle shift and really understanding how to set yourself up for success and a happy and balanced lifestyle, which was really my, my intention of attending then it is absolutely perfect and I actually did a lot of research into other types of fitness holidays around the world. What you'll find, what I found is a lot of them are instant repeat and they don't actually have a lot of focus on nutrition and that personalised experience. Whereas the BNKR is really unique with that, it really gives you that, that nutritional, like fueling food foundation, and it cost, if cost is on your mind, you know, is this worth the investment for me? Gosh, had I not attended the BNKR, it would be so different having gone through that experience. I am now so much more balanced with my mindset, balanced with my lifestyle, my fitness, my health, and it has allowed me to be so much more successful with my own business. That actually, I'm doing way better than I ever did before and for that reason. It's actually a really good return on investment.

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