Amelia Jansen's Review

March 03, 2022

Amelia's lovely review of her BNKR Fitness Retreat in Sri Lanka and how we helped to transform her life in both a fitness and nutritional perspective.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Amelia Jansen

Amelia Jansen: Hi, my name is Amelia and I am from London. I spent one month at the BNKR January 2022 to February 2022.

What was the reasons of joining us at The BNKR?

Amelia Jansen: My main reason for deciding to go to the BNKR was probably most people's reasons kind of at the time as to why they were there. So it was post covid, the gyms have been closed for two years and been working from home, probably got into some bad habits and I had a nice chunk of time off work. So it seemed like the perfect time to go, the perfect place to go to, to get back into fitness, get back into healthy food and come back with some good new learned habits. I also, wanted to escape the british winter. So sri Lanka is lovely all year round, gorgeous weather in january, but mostly kind of just to get myself out of a fitness slump.

What is unique about The BNKR?

Amelia Jansen: I think what's so unique about the BNKR is that when I was looking at other places to go to, there was quite a lot of places with quite rigid timetables and with me being 27 I I didn't really want to be stuck to a timetable per se. And the BNKR, there is obviously a workout structure every day but it's relaxed it's not pressured. You can make it what you want to make it. And they tailor it to you so if you want to do PT you do PT If you want to do three sessions a day you can if you want to do you know one session every other day you can it's just a really really great relax that supporting environment. I think another unique part about the BNKR was the food as well. Um it was just absolutely amazing. I didn't really go for the food. I didn't research that much much into it but actually it was absolutely amazing every single meal was just so lovely and Vicky also puts a lot of , she understands what what we're getting in every meal. So you're getting healthy nutritious filling food for the workouts.

Has your life transformed as a result of your time at The BNKR?

Amelia Jansen: Coming home from the BNKR has been so beneficial to me before I went to the BNKR. I like to work out but I didn't really understand what I was doing. Spending a month at the BNKR working with Dimitri on a 1 to 1 in the PT As well as in the class, my form has got better, I know what I'm doing in the gym now I can go in with a purpose now. It's just been really greatly beneficial to my exercise in terms of nutrition as well. I have been a lot more adventurous in what I'm cooking and I'm really making sure that I'm not slipping back to bad habits going to you know my go to meals that I did before taking the time to cook nutritious, colorful foods which I was getting at the BNKR and I've also adopted a puppy from sri Lanka so who will be coming in july, so that is obviously life changing as well. So I wouldn't have got that if I hadn't gone to the BNKR

What would you say to someone who is still on the fence about joining a BNKR retreat?

Amelia Jansen: I think if you're still on the fence about going to the BNKR, which I was, before I took the plunge, I think I would just say you've just got to take the chance and just do it. I think it's really, really hard to understand what it is and understand how great it is until you get there because you can see as many pictures as you want, but really you've just got to experience it for yourself, if you do work a busy life like me, you know in a busy job, it really is eye opening and it's so great, going to that pace of life, focusing on yourself for once, giving yourself that time that you might not give it in your day to day life, just working on you, working out eating the right food and it's also great because you are surrounded by like minded people, Everyone else has taken that plunge as well, so you also do make great friends as well. So I think if you are sat on the fence, I think just book it and definitely 100% will not regret it

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