Lawrence Bub for Client Testimonial Videos

April 08, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lawrence Bub, Gadrian Capital LLC

Could you describe your overall experience with The Azzam Group?

Lawrence Bub: Hi there, working with Erica and Mike at the Azzam Group has been great. Uh, they're very responsive and knowledgeable. And the process has been easy. I'm an investor and have seven doors with those guys, six properties and 1 of which is a duplex. Um, they also do the property management for me, which has gone very smoothly as well. Again, very responsive, good with emailing and calling and um, yeah, no problems to date. And it's been, I've been with them for about a year and a half now. Thanks.

How would you describe The Azzam Group in three words?

Lawrence Bub: My three words to describe the Azzam group would be knowledgeable, responsive and reliable.

Why is The Azzam Group different from other similar products or services?

Lawrence Bub: My experience working with the Islamic group is very good. Um, They are different from other realtors in the sense that they are used to working with investors like me. The process is very seamless and easy. They understand the kinds of properties we're looking for. Um, and the transition to property management has been very smooth, very easy as well. Um, I would say one potential drawback in a situation like this is that both the realtor and the property management are, you know, they're linked together. But in my experience, it's it's worked very well with with Mike and the Azzam Group and the property management company. And I have no complaints.

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