Jamie Claxon for Client Testimonial Videos

April 28, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jamie Claxon, Remax

Could you describe your overall experience with The Azzam Group?

Jamie Claxon: My name is Jamie Claxon. I am the senior sales associate with the Islam Group. Remax haven, I've been working with Mike for about 5 or 6 years now. Um, I was one of his first sales associates to come on board and started primarily doing owner occupants and then transition into the investor side where I've grown exponentially under Mike's wing. He's taught me everything I need to know and more about the investment side. I'd like to firstly say that I consider Mike a friend obviously, and then a peer and a colleague. Um, we've taken vacations together, We hangout outside of work, we chat almost every day on a personal and professional level. Um, we get along really well, we argue, we compete, we grow together, um, and everything pretty much in, you know, to do with the real estate industry. So it's always a pleasure working with Mike and we always have good things things say and you know, talk to each other about, obviously I'm still here after five or six years, so um, looking forward to the future with Mike

How would you describe The Azzam Group in three words?

Jamie Claxon: I would describe the Azzam group in more than three words, but if I have to limit the three words, I would describe the Azzam group as a very, very, very knowledgeable in real estate, very experienced. There's a wealth of knowledge between the whole team and very motivated to be the best we can possibly be in get better even than that.

Jamie Claxon: The Azzam group is different from other similar products and services, primarily um we really really act as consultants obviously.

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