Dan Arrigoni for Client Testimonial Videos

April 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dan Arrigoni

Could you describe your overall experience with The Azzam Group?

Dan Arrigoni : Hello Dan And Jackie here in eastern Washington. I just wanted to provide a reference or referral to Mike Azzam and his team in the Cleveland area In 2018 we started doing some rental property purchases and renovations And a flip or two. And we got connected with Mike and have been very satisfied with this exceedingly satisfied with his services and what how he has helped us to to do that successfully. In fact, even though we're a couple 1000 miles away, oftentimes I'm more comfortable with the transactions and how they progress in Cleveland than when we're buying in our own city. It's just that mike is very thorough and we've been very satisfied with um what he's done for us. Yes, he has excellent walk throughs that he does on the houses you'd like to purchase gets extremely accurate um pricing of what would need to be done and what the price would be gives you a great total at the end tells you if this is a good idea for um to purchase for a rental or um and gives you an idea for the area. Uh yea or nay, so which is really helpful. Very nice to have that. Also one thing I appreciated was I brought my um decorating ideas from eastern Washington to Cleveland which um demographics of all over the country will be different And so he was more than open for um decisions that I would like to put into. Yes and which now are the norm but at the time when we started I was like whoa, that's really odd and different. Um I wanted to put black doors in and even the contractor had to call Michael and say yeah that lady wants to do black doors, Michael's like yep, do it, let her do what she likes. And now black doors aren't a big deal, it's a norm. So anyway, we're very, very happy. Also, Michael is knowledgeable in the fact that he's remodeled his own home, went through a lot with that and he's remodeled his own rentals and is involved in an Airbnb rental now. So all the levels that he's done just gives him more knowledge that he can impart to people. Um and great experience, has a great smile um Always very helpful and very talkative working through everything, we have nothing negative of any of the experience and very thankful and appreciative that we found him And we're able to make all our transition smooth and 15 or 13 I guess 13 houses later with some duplexes were very good and happy. We've done over 13 property purchases or sales with Mike and wouldn't consider using anybody else. So I hope you find this review to be of use and wish you well and we are confident that if you use Michael Azzam and his team that you will have similar experiences that we have had. Thank you

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