Kristin Carpenter for Texas AFT Video Testimonials

December 15, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kristin Carpenter, Elementary music specialist , Garland ISD

Please state your name, your district, title and subject you teach

Kristin Carpenter: Hey, y'all. My name is Kristen Carpenter, and I'm an elementary music teacher here in North Texas in the Garland Independent School District. And I'm here to tell you all that I have been an F T member for many years, and it's really been one of the best decisions I've made in terms of, um, having support and guidance whenever I've needed advocacy or if one of my colleagues friends have needed advocacy. I know exactly where to go, and I know that I can count on my union to help me with that. So y'all go ahead and do yourselves a favor and become a member.

Kristin Carpenter: Hi, y'all. My name is Kristen Carpenter, and I'm an elementary music specialist here in North Texas. In Garland I S D.

Why did you join Texas AFT United?

Kristin Carpenter: Okay, so I grew up in a household of union members. My mom was a shop steward is for the United States Postal Service. My dad has been a union member, and as soon as I became a teacher, my mom was like, You need to join the union. You need representation, you need guidance and support. So join your local union and I did.

What would you say to your colleagues about the importance of joining the union?

Kristin Carpenter: I totally encourage any new teacher, any teacher that's not a part of the union to become a part of the union y'all because they have helped me personally and my colleagues and friends with so many issues, they've helped us know what rights that we have. Um, they've given us support. They've given us guidance, and they have really been super strong advocates for us. And whenever we have needed help with whatever issues we find ourselves with, um, there, there you can calm. Call your union rep and they immediately call you back Friends. They know the answers. They know a lot. So do yourself a favor. Join empty.

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