Elizabeth Mong for Texas AFT Video Testimonials

December 15, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Elizabeth Mong, Special education teacher, Garland ISD

Please state your name, your district, title and subject you teach

Elizabeth Mong: Hi. My name is Elizabeth Mang. I work for Garland. I S D and I am a middle school, self contained special education teacher.

Why did you join Texas AFT United?

Elizabeth Mong: I am a member of A F T because the union has educators best interests in mind, and I know that they will always rally behind us.

What would you say to your colleagues about the importance of joining the union?

Elizabeth Mong: I really want to encourage all educators, pair professionals and support staff to really see the value in the union standing up for all of us, especially this year. It cannot be stated overstated.

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