Dave Schaefer for Texas AFT Video Testimonials

December 15, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dave Schaefer, Choral Director, South Garland High School

Please state your name, your district, title and subject you teach

Dave Schaefer: Hello. My name is Dave Shafer. I work in Garland I SD and I teach high school choral music.

Why did you join Texas AFT United?

Dave Schaefer: I just to be a part of a F T because I wanted to make sure I had all my bases covered, especially in my position where I take students outside of the building a lot. I wanted to make sure that I had an extra level of protection. Um, just in case any anything out of the ordinary happens, you always want to make sure you have your bases covered. Additionally, I like the fact that Texas safety does not have administrators as a part of their organization. A lot of times because teachers will experiencing it will experience having difficulties with administrators. And it's nice to have an organization where if you need backup, you can be well. It is a teacher's backing up other teachers.

What would you say to your colleagues about the importance of joining the union?

Dave Schaefer: Yeah, What I would say to colleagues about joining a union is you have to do it because even if you're not a fine arts teacher who who goes a lot out of either out of state or out of your district limits, it's just always good to have that level of protection, especially if there's a dispute with a student or a parent or an administrator. It's just always Really great to have that extra bit of support, especially for the price that it is per month. I think I pay around $25 a month. That's worth every single penny, knowing that I have that extra level of support, if ever I need it.

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