Community Voices: #ProtectTransKids

September 23, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Claudia Carranza, Teacher and parent

Claudia Carranza: Hi, my name is Dr. Claudia Carranza, and I'm a trans parent. This means that I'm a parent to a wonderful trans student. This matter is very important to me. It's important to ensure that my son has equitable access to the sport that he wishes to play.

Claudia Carranza: There are so many other important things that our state, Legislature, and governor can focus on instead of bills and laws that target a very vulnerable part of our community. Instead, he could be focusing on better education, ways to help people understand what those in the trans community are for, what they're about, what it even means to be trans, lesbian, gay, bi. All of these things. We're at a crossroads right now where people just don't understand. It's important for us to come together and to show unity. These kinds of bills that target a specific section of our population — a very vulnerable population, a population that doesn't even really have its own voice yet. Wow, it's awful. Really. Our Legislature can do better. They can lead by example. They can help show that we are one community. They can focus on bringing us together, rather than on tearing us apart.

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