#WeDeserveIt: Pay Raises for Educators

June 08, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Linda Waller, Instructional Aide, DeSoto ISD

Why do DeSoto ISD employees deserve a pay raise?

Linda Waller: Hi, my name is Linda Waller. I am an IA at Cockrell Hill Elementary. I think we deserve this pay raise. This increase in salary because we deserve it. There are things that are not what they used to be at the store. The price has gone up. It is not fair for you all to think that we can still pay the same price. Everyone is noticing the changes. As educators, we deserve this raise. Things are not the same. Nothing is like it used to be. Everything that we buy and purchase gas, food, water is going up. Please consider this pay raise. We deserve it. It is simple and quick.

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